How to Write a Philosophy Essay

Philosophy essays are not like just any other essay out there. Philosophy is considered as one of the courses that is unique, complex and dynamic at the same time. First, you begin by asking yourself, what is philosophy all about. You cannot write an excellent philosophy essay if you basically rely on the written and existing literature and try to write about this in a clear and organized manner. That is not philosophy. In addition to this, you cannot come up with an excellent philosophy essay by simply restating theories ad hypothesis of famous philosophers. Despite the fact that all the above stated writing techniques are applicable in all the other courses; they might not be able to earn you good points in philosophy.

Philosophy essays are all about argument. Philosophy essays basically entail finding a strong conviction for believing in something and probably finding reasons to doubt other things. From this, you find that two things that are present in almost any philosophy essay are a claim and a defense. When you claim something say ‘the earth is round’ give reasons why the earth is round and not triangular. In addition to this, you must convince the reader why you think the earth is round and you are not just giving your personal opinion. Despite all this, you must acknowledge the fact that good arguments for interesting facts do not come easily. This makes the demand for a good philosophy essay rather intimidating.

There are various techniques that philosophy students can apply to make the task of writing a philosophy essay manageable. When writing a philosophy essay, always make sure that you pick a topic that has a difference in opinion. When picking philosophy essay topics, an interesting fact about major philosophers is that they rarely agree. You find that one philosopher such as Plato or Aristotle would develop a theory and a different philosopher such as Hume or Kant would come up with a totally contrasting theory. In view of this, you can state something that was said by a famous philosopher such as Berkeley who stated that things only exist when they are perceived, but this cannot be right since there clearly was a universe before any life evolved to perceive it.”

After the statement, you have to come up with a contrasting opinion from a different philosopher or try to give reason either objecting or defending the assertions of the philosopher. Always have an approach or a standard angle when writing a philosophy essay. There are so many philosophy topics to choose from but what is important is that you have to approach the subject matter in a novel way. An angle is common in literature where famous novelists always had a way of approaching various situations in life. An example is the Shakespeare angle with regards to the theme of young lovers whose dreams of spending a life together are thwarted by fate. When writing on a philosophical topic say regarding evolution and religion.

These are two opposing viewpoints. If you simply write about evolution then religion and then try to relate the two based on opinions of famous philosophers, your essay will be boring. Try to pick an angle on your topic say, argue whether the existence of the evolution theory has any effect on religion. Lastly, always consider objections and opposition to theories when writing a philosophy essay. When summarizing your essay, try and find the most convincing statements that would make your argument stronger and write it down. This is a clear indication that you are aware of the objections hence reducing the vulnerability of your stand regarding the topic.